Why Should You Learn Circus Skills?

Learning circus skills can offer a whole host of benefits to the participant – no matter what age they are. Here at Space Plans, we are proud to have developed an app dedicated to teaching you exciting circus skills. Made by circus artists and run by them too. Our online circus workshops are expertly designed to boost the mental and physical wellbeing of people of all abilities. Circus skills might not be the first thing you turn to when you are looking to take up something new, but it is definitely worth considering – trust us! To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of reasons why you should learn circus skills.

Enhances social and team-building skills

People learn at various paces, with some people picking up skills much faster than others. However, as our app involves connecting with fellow participants, you will often be encouraged to work in groups. With this in mind, you and your group members will be encouraging each other and helping each other learn and progress quickly with circus tricks. Our workshops provide endless opportunities to develop social skills, from communication and teamwork to patience and empathy. These social skills cannot simply be taught. Social skills are developed through hands-on experiences but can be applied to all sorts of scenarios. This could be from the workplace to other social situations.

Encourages a healthy self-esteem

When you learn circus skills, you can make vast improvements in your self-esteem. Our circus skills workshops allow you to progress at your own pace. We will always ensure that every participant achieves something – no matter how big or small. Once you have mastered one skill, there is always room for improvement or a chance to learn something else, but you will never be under pressure to do any more than you are comfortable with. We welcome progression at all speeds, which means that no matter what ability level you are at, you will always leave our workshops with a sense of personal achievement as you continue to learn. We offer gentle support and encouragement in our non-competitive environment, so you will always feel good about yourself and what you are capable of.

Boosts Creativity

In a society that is constantly changing and evolving, we must have the ability to be able to adapt quickly in order to continue thriving. With this in mind, the ability to be creative is more important than ever. Creativity is developed by trying new things, getting things wrong, and then finding ways to get them right. However, we are often scared of getting things wrong, which means we can sometimes cap ourselves out of being creative – choosing to stick to the status quo instead of doing something original.

When you learn circus skills with Space Plans, we abolish the fear of failure and encourage you to immerse yourself in the freedom of letting go and playing freely. Circus skills are the perfect way to get your creativity flourishing. Everything you learn and the way you learn has the potential to be adapted, modified, and developed. This is to suit your own preferences. To be creative, you need to feel secure. This is why we work hard to create a safe environment that welcomes creativity and new ideas from every participant.

Learn Circus Skills With Space Plans

Want to learn circus skills with our performers, students, and circus teachers? Be sure to stay in the loop with our app which is coming soon. To get your circus skills off to a good start, why not sign up for our Mindful Morning’s weekday sessions! Or if you have any questions, contact us today.