The design gives children and adults the ability to hold onto items with ease for independent living.

Active Hands is one of only two companies with rights to sell the EazyHold straps in the UK. With EazyHold you can easily accomplish all your daily living activities with independence despite physical conditions or disabilities that might be impacting your grip strength.

At Active Hands, our mission is to help people achieve more active and inclusive lives – that would be impossible without our incredible range of products, which we are happy to announce, now includes the EazyHold straps,” says Rob Smith, Director of the Active Hands Company. “We are extremely proud to be one of only two UK suppliers and hope that we can bring independent access to more lives through these products”.

The straps are made of food grade silicone, they are hypoallergenic and latex free to enable use in settings where hygiene is crucial such as in hospitals and schools.

Rob, who has first hand experience of using adaptive aids, said “the EazyHold straps allow people with very limited or even no grip strength to hold objects such as cutlery, pens, toothbrushes, toys, cups, hair brush or anything you can think of by attaching the object with the silicone strap. Being able to offer someone this level of independence means the world to us”.

One of the greatest benefits of EazyHold straps is their suitability for all ages. The EazyHold straps come in a variety of sizes and packs with different strap lengths and different hole sizes.

EazyHold straps are available at Active hands, starting from £14.95. For more information visit

About Active Hands: Our mission is to reach and help more and more people with hand function disabilities to enable them to take part in numerous activities as independently as possible. Furthermore, we pride ourselves in working with those with hand functions across a wide spectrum of disabilities and activity levels from Paralympic gold medal winners to leisure gardeners and from injured military personnel to small children. We know from our own experience how frustrating a lack of hand function can be. With Active Hands helping you, you can overcome many of those frustrations enabling you to do activities that you previously thought were impossible. Who knows what you could achieve.

For more information email or find our contact details here You can also check out our FAQs page for popular queries.


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