Active Hands watched in amazement as sales of the SpillNot went wild overnight on Thursday 11th January. The sales continued throughout Friday until all of their stock was gone! In fact, statistics showed that they experienced the highest number of daily visitors to their site ever, and the greatest number of orders in one day!

Naturally, they were keen to find out what had caused this huge leap in sales. So, they asked their customers to help them out by stating how they heard about them. One common theme began to emerge – TikTok. A video of @jayapburns had gone viral overnight leading to a high demand for the SpillNot. You can view the video here

The SpillNot was originally invented by a physics undergraduate who was intrigued by the problems he had to solve and fascinated at how physics could be applied to everyday objects… like a drink on a tray!

The SpillNot is a cup holder with a unique design making it difficult to spill the contents of any glass or mug that is placed on it. You can swing it as much as you like and the contents will not spill. The looped, fabric handle prevents you from applying a lateral force to the liquid in the cup, so the liquid doesn’t spill (the science is quite complicated – no wonder it was invented by a physicist!). Active Hands have often used the SpillNot to catch attention at disability shows that they have attended – people quite often don’t believe that we have liquid in the cup it works so well!

Active Hands sold out of their sizable stock within 48 hours, leading to their biggest ever dispatch effort, particularly challenging in the midst of a global pandemic… but a great boost to their business. Furthermore, every sale they make is more money that can be put back into exciting development projects.

In more exciting news they already have hundreds more SpillNots on their way to their premises, so if you can’t wait to spin a cuppa… or you’re a bit unsteady and could do with this anti-spill drinks tray, you can order yours soon! More information about the SpillNot can be found here: You can also find out contact information here for any queries.


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