Summary. Deciding between ceiling hoist vs mobile hoist for patient care? Joerns Healthcare breaks down the benefits and challenges of each. Ceiling hoists offer ease of movement and efficient transfers, solving storage and space issues. Mobile hoists have their merits, but consider factors like carpet type. Explore various types of hoist for patients with Joerns for the best fit!


As in all walks of life, there are many products designed to overcome certain challenges. It can be a minefield going through the selection process and arriving at a decision. It’s no different in the world of patient handling. We can talk about the types of hoist for patients, the way in which it is used, the type of sling, client conditions, etc. However, it can be quite confusing for your average carer, let alone for an end-user in their own home. So we will discuss a few of the comparisons of ceiling hoist vs mobile floor hoists to help the you with your decision.

Ceiling Hoist Vs Mobile Hoist

There are several associated benefits in choosing an overhead lift over a more conventional mobile lift. In addition, they can impact significantly on the well-being of the handler as well as the client. Due to the nature of an overhead lift, storage issues and space constraints are easily overcome. They are readily accessible and available for use, contributing to quicker and more efficient transfers.

Using a mobile lifts on carpets; especially longer pile, can be extremely challenging, making patient re-positioning a difficult task. However, an overhead lift eliminates this issue. It operates on a ceiling mounted rail system. Therefore, significantly reducing the force required to manoeuvre the lift from place to place, especially under load.

Using an Oxford ceiling hoist, you vastly increase lifting range. So, off the floor pick-ups as well as transfers to high surfaces are conducted with comparable ease. A ceiling lift can also make the whole transfer process less disconcerting. This is because they are inherently less cumbersome and less intrusive to personal space versus a mobile lift.

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Joerns Healthcare Leading Patient Handling Solutions

Here at Joerns Healthcare, the home of Oxford Hoist, we dedicate ourselves to improving patient and care-giver experiences by placing the well-being of others at the centre of everything we do. We offer an extensive range of patient handling solutions. This includes overhead and mobile lifts. All designed and developed alongside leading clinical professionals to ensure they are perfectly suited to their environment.

We have a range of different types of hoists for patients. Ceiling lifts, track and accessories offer a variety of installation possibilities, whether that is part, full or even multi-room coverage. Conversely, if a fixed system is deemed unsuitable, we offer portable and semi-permanent solutions that side-step structural issues. Consequently, providing similar functionality for short-term or even temporary use.

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