Summary. Joerns Healthcare, the home of Oxford Hoist, showcases the Oxford Advance Hoist – a versatile, space-saving mobile lift ideal for tight spaces in residential care equipment settings. Designed for various patient transfers, from bed to chair or floor to bed, this compact hoist is both functional and foldable. Dive into Joerns’ range for the perfect care solutions!


Joerns Healthcare provides patient handling and rehabilitation equipment all over the world. We help to enhance the quality of life, remobilisation and safety of patients and caregivers alike. Being the home of Oxford Hoist, alongside offering leading healthcare brands, our leading solutions used in acute and residential care settings across the globe.

We offer a wealth of patient lifting equipment. However, mobile hoists are one of the most popular choices, in part, down to their versatility. They can be easily moved from room to room and they can facilitate a variety of transfers. In addition, there’s no permanent installation and they improve safety.

Mobile Hoists

At Joerns Healthcare, we strive to provide equipment and solutions for a range of care environments and requirements, such as residential, hospitals etc. We understand that the level of care required can vary, as can the amount of space available. With this in mind, our leading range of mobile hoists are purpose designed to support the safe lifting and transfer of patients. Alongside supporting the patient, mobile hoists also help to alleviate the strains on caregivers. These are otherwise caused by manual lifting techniques and an absence of suitable assistive products.

Oxford Advance Hoist

A compact, folding mobile patient lift, the Oxford Advance is one of the most functional hoists on the market. Its versatility and feature set lend itself to both home care and nursing institutions with its space-saving footprint being ideal where space comes at a premium.


As mentioned above, the Oxford Advance is incredibly versatile and suitable for a variety of patient handling tasks including:

  • Bed to chair transfers
  • Floor to bed transfers
  • Chair to bath transfers
  • Toileting transfers


The Oxford Advance Hoist is designed to accommodate environments where space may be a limiting factor. With its angular leg design, it can more easily navigate around furniture or other equipment Therefore, enabling closer more effective contact with the patient. When the lift is not in use, it is quickly and easily folded for storage purposes without the need for any tools. It can also be wheeled whilst in the folded position to ease the manual effort of transportation. The Advance will fit comfortably into the boot of most family saloons. Consequently, making it an ideal hoist for travelling outside the confines of the home.

Using The Hoist

The Oxford Advance Hoist has a safe working load of 155kg (24st). In addition, it can be in use with a wide range of passive style slings to meet the patient’s needs. The standard spreader bar can be swapped out for an optional 4-point cradle to allow the attachment of clip style slings where needed. Once a patient is fitted in a suitable sling and attached to the hoist, lifting is effortless using the hand control.

The Advance is also equipped with the Oxford Smart Monitor control box offering a wealth of diagnostic and usage data. The intelligent system records lift cycles, attempted overloads as well as a handy service reminder. This helps to ensure your lift is kept in optimum condition for longer.

The Smart Monitor is specifically calibrated to the Advance and has inbuilt safety mechanisms to ensure high levels of safety. These include: a quick access emergency stop button and on-board emergency controls in the unlikely event the handset were to fail. Additionally, to further mitigate risk, the control box calibration prevents excessive loads (above the lift’s maximum capacity) from being lifted, recording any attempts to do so.

A free standing off-board charger allows charging away from the hoist. By investing in an additional battery pack, you can help ensure your lift is always ready for use. The charger can also be wall mounted for convenience.

video of the Oxford Advance in use can be viewed

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