Joerns Healthcare are leading suppliers of patient handling and rehabilitation equipment. With decades of experience under our belts, we commit ourselves to provide the highest quality equipment. Enhancing the safety and wellbeing of patients, as well as the caregivers who use our equipment. The home of the original Oxford Hoist, we purposely design our solutions for use in both acute and residential care settings. Therefore, accommodating various levels of mobility needs.

Alongside the lifts themselves, we offer a range of supportive equipment and accessories. Their designs addresses the needs of patients whilst enhancing safety and product performance. For passive lifts such as the Oxford Presence or Stature, several accessories are available that provide additional functionality and convenience. In combination with the adjustment cradle, the Oxford Canvas Stretcher, is attached to the lift to provide the user with a lateral surface for onward transfer.

Oxford Canvas Stretcher & Adjustment Cradle

The Oxford Canvas Stretcher is for use by a minimum of two trained operators. In addition, it is intended for horizontal transfers where a patient needs to move with very little change in body position. But also, where a flat underlying surface is not a particular requirement.

The Canvas Stretcher must be in use with the combination with the Oxford Stretcher Adjustment Cradle. Together, their design distributes the weight of the patient more evenly when in the supine position. In addition, it enables precise horizontal balancing and rebalancing by shifting the centre of gravity accordingly. You can adjust the cradle with a single hand, using the left or right levelling handle. Therefore, leaving the other hand free to provide stability during adjustment. After that, the Canvas Stretcher is attached directly to the Adjustment Cradle via four attachment straps.

Furthermore, the Oxford Canvas Stretcher and Adjustment Cradle combination supports a safe working load of 227kg / 35st / 500lbs. This is in line with the maximum capacity of both the Presence and Stature hoists.

Easily Stored & Transported

Due to the nature of a canvas stretcher, you can roll it up when not in use. Consequently, taking up very little space when stored or during transportation. By removing the metal rods on either side of the stretcher (and cleaning independently), the canvas element can be laundered in a washing machine at up to 85°C. Therefore, supporting infection control protocols.

For a full overview of the Oxford Stretcher and Adjustment Cradle. You can watch this video demonstration of this useful solution.

Why Joerns Healthcare?

Patient handling equipment is available from many different suppliers. But, whether you’re looking to implement it into a private, public, or domestic care setting, choosing a reputable manufacturer is important. Here at Joerns Healthcare, we’re proud to have been a leading global supplier of moving and handling equipment for many years. In this time, we have built a reputation for supplying quality solutions. However, we have also continued growing our knowledge as the world of healthcare evolves. With this in mind, every product and solution we manufacture and supply is off the back of an in-depth knowledge and understanding of patient mobility requirements.

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